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2008 - Make Customers Aware Entice People to Buy Make the...

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02/11/08 Assignment for Wednesday Ch.7 Marketing : Prepare Nike Case 7.1 Questions for Discussion Mike's Bikes: Prepare for Year 2 decisions in multiplayer -Check key reports; -Read “The Year Ahead” and -Review Scenario Information Marketing Coordinated programs that: 1. Create, communicate, and deliver value to customersl 2. Develop positive customer relationships; and 3. Drive the top line. Marketing Mix Product Place Price Promotion TARGET MARKET Steps Toward Satisfying Customer Needs Identifying the Target Market Tailer Product Features and enefits to It Set Price
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Unformatted text preview: Make Customers Aware Entice People to Buy Make the Product Available Assure Satisfaction Manage Relationships with Customers Marketing Environment Political and regulatory Economic Competitive Technological Social and cultural Marketing Concept Find out what customers need Develop product to meet those needs Engage the whole company in efforts to satisfy customers Achieve company goals (make a profit) Marketing Strategy Select your target market Develop your marketing mix...
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