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2008 - Going public(IPO Register w SEC(Securities and...

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01/14/2008 Starbucks Dell Apple Sony Nintendo LG GM/Chevrolet Nissan HQ US US Japan Japan USA Japan COMPETITION Peet’s/Dunkin’ Donuts/McD HP/Dell Panasonic/Apple/Nintendo/Philips Annual Sales 9.5 Billion -9/30/2007 24 Billion -9/30/2007 70 Billion -9/30/2007 Bottom Line 3.5B Net Profit/Total Sales = Net Profit Margin or ROS (Return on Sales)
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Unformatted text preview: Going public (IPO) Register w/ SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Fill out paperwork Report all financial paperwork every 90 days. Dividend – Cash payout of profit to shareholders.s For Profit vs. Non-profit Goals of a Business Survival Growth Social Responsibility PROFIT...
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