berkely - 1. Berkley is arguing for idealism a. Everything...

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a. Berkley is arguing for idealism b. Everything is a mind or idea c. Matter doesn’t exist mind independent or has primary qualities (anything that is out in the world that causes an idea in us) d. When you start talking about matter or something we can experience or are experiencing leads to ideas e. Idea of matter is mind dependent experience is to have the relevant idea f. Idea of matter depends on mind, us. Materialist (matter is independent of us but dependent on us experiencing it) g. Idea of matter is an explicit contradiction h. Why aren’t dreams real since experiences are mind dependent dreams aren’t as vivid, not consistent with ideals or beliefs you are perceiving at the time i. Argument 1 – Idea of matter is unintelligible / manifest contradiction i. We only perceive ideas ii. We perceive ordinary objects (houses, mountains, etc) iii. Therefore, ordinary objects are collections of ideas iv. If ordinary objects are not ideas, then we cannot perceive them at all. But then we cannot know anything about them. And this is skepticism! j. Argument 2 – The variance argument – disproves Locke using Locke’s own method i. Use Locke’s test to show there are no primary qualities ii. The variance argument: the same external object can cause two incompatible sensory experiences. The quality in the object itself cannot resemble both. So, in these cases the idea must not resemble the quality in the object 1. Heat and Cold: an experiment with 3 pails of water 2. Sweetness and Bitterness: different people have different tastes k. Argument 3 – The claim that ideas resemble material objects is absurd i. Any attempt to explain how ideas resemble material objects will end up a comparison of two objects
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berkely - 1. Berkley is arguing for idealism a. Everything...

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