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8-23 - • Jane Goodall is very important to the beginning...

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1. Ethnology Data= secondary library 2. Ethnography Case studies of communities, implies that this is a “face-to-face” scale investigation. Scientist actually spends personal time with community. “Fieldwork” 3. 1960s/70s emerged emphasis on doing ethnography among other species communities Namely, apes and primates. p.23 in Moore, shows the traditional 4 fields of anthropology. A 5th one is called primatology.
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Unformatted text preview: • Jane Goodall is very important to the beginning of primatology. o She worked in the Kaskela community in Gombe o Ape community o Cannibalistic behavior is not uncommon amongst apes • Females leave their territory when they become sexually active • Males almost never leave, unless they are infants with their mothers. • Dangerous for young males to transfer societies •...
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