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1. Ethnology Data= secondary library 2. Ethnography Case studies of communities, implies that this is a “face-to-face” scale investigation. Scientist actually spends personal time with community. “Fieldwork” 3. 1960s/70s emerged emphasis on doing ethnography among other species communities Namely, apes and primates. p.23 in Moore, shows the traditional 4 fields of anthropology. A 5th one is called primatology.
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Unformatted text preview: Jane Goodall is very important to the beginning of primatology. o She worked in the Kaskela community in Gombe o Ape community o Cannibalistic behavior is not uncommon amongst apes Females leave their territory when they become sexually active Males almost never leave, unless they are infants with their mothers. Dangerous for young males to transfer societies...
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