Outline - GunsSails (10-1-03)

Outline - GunsSails (10-1-03) - 1 1 Guns and Sails 2...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 Guns and Sails 2 Modernity ß Key late medieval innovations : ß the mechanical clock ß cast iron ß gunpowder & firearms ß the compass ß the caravel 3 Materials ß Key materials of traditional society ß Wood ß Ceramics ß Stone ß Fibers ß Leather ß Metals 4 Advantages of wood ß is easily cut and worked ß can be shaped in other ways (bent, turned, drilled, planed) ß is strong in compression (stronger than many metals, by weight) ß is common, easily gathered & prepared for use 5 Disadvantages of wood ß does not hold an edge ß is weak in tension ß can often be easily penetrated ß wears easily ß is easily destroyed by fire and water ß cannot be cast or molded 6 The Metals ß Copper & copper alloys (brass & bronze) ß Precious metals (gold & silver) ß Base metals (lead, tin) ß Iron--the most important 7 Basic types of iron: ß >> Wrought iron ß <0.1% carbon (almost pure iron, some slag) ß ductile, tough, the classic form of all iron ß >> Steel ß between 0.2% C &1.5% C 2...
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Outline - GunsSails (10-1-03) - 1 1 Guns and Sails 2...

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