Outline - Medeival Tech (9-17-03)

Outline - Medeival Tech (9-17-03) - 1 1 Technological...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 Technological Foundations of Medieval Europe 2 The "Dark Ages" n Disappearance of central authority n Split between East and West n Rise of the Christian Church n Rise of Islam 3 Medieval Technological Creativity 4 Emergence of Medieval Culture n Feudalism n A shift in power and culture from South to North n A substantial rise in population and wealth (after about 1000) 5 Europe--732 Europe--732 6 Europe--800 Europe--800 7 Feudalism n A political structure Based on relations between overlord (King) and vassals Not a social or economic system 8 Feudal structure 9 Feudalism n Military foundations Mounted shock combat Stirrup 10 Stirruped knights 11 Recovery of European Social & Economic life n Relative Peace after about 1050 n Milder climate, 800-1200 2 n Agricultural success 12 Agricultural technology n Heavy Wheeled Plow n Use of Horses n 3-Field Rotation 13 Plow forms Plow forms 14 Heavy Wheeled Plow n Wheeled n iron coulter (for vertical cut) n flat ploughshare (for horizontal cut)...
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Outline - Medeival Tech (9-17-03) - 1 1 Technological...

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