2. Democracy and the constitution

2. Democracy and the constitution - 2: The tyranny: Through...

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2: The tyranny : Through the course the focus will be on tyranny of the minority and the majority The tyranny of the majority: By the year 2050 21% will be multiracial I the U.S that would change the political context Is there a separation between church and state in the constituion? It depends on the interpretation. What about the freedom of religion? The tyranny of the minority: Are we oversensitive to minority rights? So that USA is a minority rule in stead of a majority rule that is the fundament of the procedural democracy. Chap ter 2-3 : The Americans support a ban of certain weapons, but the bill has never been completed. It’s because the NRA (National Rifle….) money pluralist democracy in stead of a …. . 2 ways to be a leader or to terms to be elected on: o Delegate: A representative – does what the minority wants o Trusties: People trust that the trusties will make the right decisions – they are professionals so they have greater insight. Democratic government doesn’t follow the majority opinion, but often interest groups. The majority of the public is often passive. Upon with criterion do we decide if a government is democratic or not. Different kind of governmental form: Aristocraty: Rule by one Oligaki: Rule by few Democracy: Rule by all – the people: It has a symbolic value – it has been a buzzword, that
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2. Democracy and the constitution - 2: The tyranny: Through...

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