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Play Analysis October 3, 2016 Baseball was segregated up until 1950 (a little before… You Know Jackie Robinson and what not) Every April baseball teams wear #42 to Honor him Also once or twice a year the teams wear the old negro league uniforms as a tribute to blacks Fences 1983 set in 1957 The 3rdplay of the Pittsburg Cycle Troy (out protagonist) struggles to provide for his family. Troy was a great ball player until an accident which ended in murder and he had to spend time in jail.
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Unformatted text preview:The fence portrays how we have to keep the bad things (death, outsiders, problems, etc.) out but also keep us and our loves in. Birth order makes a big deal in your relationships with your parent. Being the 1 st you get the responsibility and the demands and the expectations. The middle is kind of forgotten about and the baby gets babied (usually) This touches on Women's Rights and Black Rights. Rose and Cory- Both have to be put in their place so to speak