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Clicklay - Alex Engemann Anthropology 263g Clicklay's...

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Alex Engemann 5/13/2009 Anthropology 263g Clicklay’s Journey Rites of passage, or life crisis rites, are defined as means to “program individuals through generational time – coming of age and procreating the next generation – and through their lifetimes – old age and death.” 1 In most cases they are periods in a person’s life where great change is about to occur, and an act is carried out in order to commemorate that change. There are various types of rites of passage. The most common are birth, puberty, marriage, birth of grandchildren, and death. Another very common and important rite of passage is that of adulthood. This is an important rite of passage in all cultures because it allows young people to be seen as an influential part of their community. In the film A Rite of Passage , a young boy becomes a young adult through a rite of passage. I had a similar experience recently as well. In A Rite of Passage, a boy named Clicklay has killed his first big game animal.
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