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HW #5: MMAE 310 Spring 2007 1. Rainwater is flowing at a steady rate down a street having an incline of 30 ° with the horizontal. A scrap of paper on the surface of the water moves at the rate of U = 1 ft/sec. The street is 20 ft wide and the average water depth, h = ½ inch. Estimate the flow rate of the rainwater for the following velocity profiles. a. u(y) = U b. u(y) = Uy/h c. u(y) = - 2 2 2 h y h y U 2. The x and y components of a velocity field are given by u = x – y and v = x 2 y – 8. Determine the location of any stagnation points in the flow field. 3. The x and y components of velocity for a 2-D flow are u = 3 ft/s and v = 9 x
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Unformatted text preview: 2 ft/s, where x is in feet. Determine the equation for the streamlines and graph representative streamlines in the upper half plane. 4. A 3-D velocity field is given by u = x 2 , v = -2xy and w = x + y. Determine the acceleration vector. 5. A tornado has the following velocity components in polar coordinates: r C V r C V r 2 1 and-=-= θ . Where C 1 and C 2 are constants. Note that the air is spiraling inward. Find an equation for the streamlines . Street surface g r Example: u(y) profile for part b: u(y) = Uy/h 30 ° scrap of paper y rainwater h...
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