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homework3 - Physics 300 Section 662 Homework 3 Due at the...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 300 Section 662 Homework # 3 \ Due at the beginning of the Thursday September 14, 2006 lab. 1 Design a transformer (that 1s to say calculate the turns rand-£4 ), the input current along with the input and output impedances) that converts 120V AC line voltage to 5kV AC. How can you limit the current from the output to 5 111A. Note that all voltages and currents have been specified 1n RMS 2(a) Sketch the output voltage(V¢mt) as a function of input voltage for the circuit in figure 1. Assume the circuit is constructed using a “standard” Si diode. This 1s known as a voltage limiter. (b) Using what you learned 1n part (a) sketch the output voltage for figure 2 assuming the input voltage 18 a 60 HZ sine with with a Vms=0. 707 V. Vin O—JVV V014 r Vin 2 VC“ 1' l . Flam I : pmfim QC. figure? Pmblm 1‘3 3(a) Starting with equation 3.1 from your lab manual: 1:141:55? — 1) (1) show how this can be rewritten in the linear form of equation 3.2 ln(I)~ ln(Is)+ 71va (2) show all your work. (b) Using the data you obtained in performing this lab to plot a graph of ln(I) versus V , what value of 11 do you obtain? Show all calculations , 4 Sketch figure 3.11(a) from the lab manual and overlay the current path for both positive and negative cycles. 5 Derive equation 3.13 in your lab manual. Hint: you will have to perform two seperate measurements on two different load resistors(think voltage divider) to solve this equation. Show all your work! ...
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