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homework8 - Physics 300 Section 062 Homework Assignment 8...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 300 Section 062 Homework Assignment # 8 Due at the beginning of the Thursday October 26, 2006 lab. 1 Following the logic used to derive equation 8.2, derive equation 8.6 2 Derive an expression for the output voltage as a function of the input voltage for the exponential amplifier. 3 Using the data you obtained, using either the logarithmic or exponential amplifiers, in section 8.2.2 to plot a straight line graph and determine n. Bonus points will be awarded for correctly calculating 11 using the exponential amplifier data 4 The main thrust of this section is to show how op-amps can be used to perform basic arithmetic operations, one of the operations we have skipped over is performed in the figure below. Use your golden rules of op—amp operation to determine Vout as a function of the three input voltages(V1,V2,V3. You may assume that all resistors have the same resistance R V'1—’W\/— Zz—A/W— 3 A A A out ...
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