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Physics 300 Section 062 Homework Assignment # 9 Due at the beginning of the Tuesday November 7, 2006 lab. Warning : Midterm #2 will be on Tuesday November 14, and cover labs # 7-9 1 The slew rate for the 311 Comparator is on the order of 200 μ s. You should have noticed during the lab that the output of the 311 Comparator at 100 kHz was a good approximation to a square wave. Above what frequency does this output approximate a triangle wave?(This is to say at what frequency does the output not reach saturation? You may assume that the output voltage saturates at +/- 15 V.)
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Derive equation 9.2. I have made available the Frst couples pages of the solution to this problem available on blackboard. 3 Similar to the method you used in problem 2 derive equation 9.3. It should be noted that the circuit paths to charge and discharge the capacitor are NOT the same. 4 In your own words explain what is happening in Fgure 9.7 (section 9.2.1).prior to the reset wire being cut, and after the reset wire is cut. What does the voltage on the capacitor look like before and after the reset wire being cut. 1...
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