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Physics 300 Section 062 Homework Assignment # 10 Due at the beginning of the Tuesday November 16, 2006 lab. Midterm #2 will be on Tuesday November 14, and cover labs # 7-9 1 Reduce the following Boolean expressions to their simplest form. Show your work. (a) ABCD+A BCD (b) AB + AC + A BC(AB + C) (c) A + B (C + DE) 2 Using NAND, AND , OR , and NOR gates, build a vote counting machine. The machine should light an LED when a majority of votes are true( > 50%). Assume 4 input votes. You may not need to use all the diFerent gates suggested to complete this circuit. You will ±nd it useful to ±rst ±nd an algebraic expression that solves the above requirements and work backwards. 3 In class you were required to construct AND,OR and NOR gates using only NAND gates. A NAND gate is not the only gate that can be used to construct other logic gates.
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Unformatted text preview: Show how OR,AND and NAND gates can be constructed using only NOR gates. 4 A device which indicates the status of a gate output is called a logic probe with two LEDs. One should light when the output is high and the other should light when the output is low. Modify the output “T” in ±gure 10.6 such that a second LED will light when the output is low. Explain your reasoning. You should note that this circuit CAN NOT source current, that is attaching an LED+Load resistor onto T will not work! 5 Why does the output of the circuit below oscillate? Calculate the oscillation frequency. Assume the standard TTL logic levels stated in section 10.1.1. As was the case in the last assignment make sure that you are using relative voltage levels in your calculations. +5V R C V out 1...
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