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homework11 - agrams/tables to illustrate your point explain...

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Physics 300 Section 062 Homework Assignment # 11 Due at the beginning of the Thursday November 30, 2006 lab. 1 Define the following terms: (a) Sequential logic circuits. (b) Synchronous/Asynchronous circuits. (c) Active low inputs. (c) Positive/Negative edge triggered 2 Evaluate the following circuit and justify that it is can act like an RS flip-flop. What are the rules for it’s operation? SET RESET Q 3 In your own words explain how why the circuit below is a toggling flip-flop(you constructed this circuit in section 11.2.2) S R D Q Q +5V 4 While you did not construct it in class, it is straight-forward to determine the perfor- mance of the divide-by-four circuit diagrammed in figure 11.7. Assuming a square wave input and that you are using positive triggered JK flip-flops in construction, draw the input and output(Q 0 ,Q 1 ) waveforms. 5 Explain what is meant by contact bounce, and ,in your own words and using any di-
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Unformatted text preview: agrams/tables to illustrate your point, explain how the NAND RS latch acts as a de-bouncer.(See fgure 11.9b.) 6 A room has Four push-button light-switches. Design a circuit that allows the lights to be turned-on and o² (in turn) by pushing any button. 7 Two processes (let’s call them fll and mix) are controlled by digital logic and push-buttons. The push-buttons are labeled start-fll, stop-fll, and stop-mix. Pushing start-fll should stop mixing (iF it has not already stopped) and should also start flling. Pushing stop-fll stops the flling process and starts the mixing process. Pushing stop-mix should stop the mixing and flling processes, iF they have not already been stopped. Design and sketch a circuit with push-buttons that can accomplish this task. 1...
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