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prelab2 - Prelab Lab 2 Due Beginning of Class 1(a Calculate...

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Unformatted text preview: Prelab - Lab # 2 Due Beginning of Class August 31, 2006 1 (a) Calculate the capacitance of a capacitor with a cross-sectional area of lcm2 and a plate separation of 1mm A3sume that there is only air between the plates. Given that the dieletric breakdown of air is at 3 kV/ mm what IS the maximum voltage that could be applied to the capacitor, and what 1s the charge on each capacitor? 1 C3: [AF G—‘l ' _ I!" CfiZnF CH=20F CS :3n‘F' ' ICfOSnF Figum l5 33(1)le 2 2 Calculate the capacitance and impedance of the circuit in figure 1. (b) 1 C C HER o-\—l—JR Flaws ’2 :P/bhlemJ" 3 Determine the expression for magnitude of the impedance of the circuit in figure 2. Note that forcomponents in series Z : Z + Z2, and for components in parallel % = Zil + 2%. ...
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