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Statistics Quiz 1 - Stat 119 Quiz 1A Name Red id(1 point...

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Unformatted text preview: Stat 119 Quiz 1A Name: Red id: . (1 point) Students in a biology ciass kept a record of the height of plants for a ciass experiment. They found out that the data is roeghly symmetric with no outliers. What are the appropriate measures for center and spread for this data set? A. Mean and {QR 8. Median and variance QMean and standard deviation D. Median and IQR Answer: 2. (1 point) The costs of a sampie of 5 cell phones are: $59 $2i $120 $94 $89 The standard deviation is: fl A. $76.60 B. $33.89 C. $49.50 £53189 Answer: Use the foilowin information to answer robiems 3-4 A sample of 28 peopie was asked how many minutes they exercise each week. The histogram below shows the distribution of the number of minutes of exercise. Frequency Ln: i 100 no 13G :50 160 Min. of here'se 3. (3 points) Describe the distribution in detaii: a. Shape MNfil -_ ~3e§ ; “Q mfiiéfl b. Center Efi ( 51$“ a"? MWWE c. spasm the "ML Jg {i‘F- ME 4. {2 points) The first quartile of the distribution is contained in which eiass interval? he mi Use the following to answer problems 5-8 Scores on a math test from two different classes are compared using the foiiowing back—to-back stemplot ClassA ClassB fififé’g IEIO 9|2| 552|315 762214l05 S3100|515§78m 5532:6105?” 950|7|078 93|8|59 §9|01 |10|0 5. (2 points) Calculate (and clearly Eabel) the five—number summary for the distribution of ciass B scores fi E MC é, WW ' 6. (2 points) Is the test score of 10 an outlier (for the ciass B scores)? Cleariy Show 011 work. Iefixszwssxze a “W” 5% ...... is me 2-,... s0 ”18> (2.8)“ can» 3 we; 8% #3 (200?” 10 433 at 7820 Wow q§+§g§g£g53§ 7. {2 points) Draw, and clearly label, a modified boxpiot for the class B scores. 0: M 6 10 20 30 40 50 0-0 70 80 90 :00 8. (2 points) Identify the best measure of spread for each class, based on the distributions (do NOT calculate). Then justify your choice of this measure in one sentence: Class A Choice of Spread 5 § 5 ' \- mei‘w Justification of choice Class B Choice of Spread fl Justification of choice Use the following to answer Questions 9—11 A company held a blood pressure screening clinic for its employees. The results are summarized in the table below by age groop and blood pressure level. 9. (1 point) What percent of all employees had low blood pressure? 10. (3 points) ConsEruct a table showing the conditional distribuzion of blood pressure wiEhin each age group. Show all work please. ...
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