samplequiz2key - Stat 1i Qaiz 2A $3.329 Sampie quiz Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: Stat 1i? Qaiz 2A $3.329: Sampie quiz, Chapter 6 R66. iCiZ i. (3 point) A Z-scors of 2 23:63.33 The obsewatien is 2 Siméafii deviatims smaiier than ma imam _ The observatieii is 2 stai‘iciard devia‘iions huge: than {he mam ' . Tiie observation is mice iai‘ger than the mean D. The éiffei‘enee between the observaiian wins and the mean is 2; Answer: Use the feifiewing infarmaiion E0 aiiswer quesiiimg 2-4 The wsighis of young aduii maias are nemaiiy distribu‘ied, with a mean {if 16% pounds, and a; standarci deviaéion of 25 pounds. 2. (2 pfiiflts} Using the Empirical} Rule, what peiceniage of yeniig malt maies weigh between 135 and 210 pounds? é? 4. {2 points) For the distribution 0? youn them “What amount? 5. (2 points) Suppose Susan scored a ’26!) on the SAT test and that placed her an the 84th percentiie‘ Tiae standard deviation of the SAT iesi was 45. Wha‘i was fine mean scare? i1 565 Answer 6. (2 poims) iii a 2862 study, the Accredi‘iaiion Coumil for Graduate Maéicgi Eciucation foand that medical residents” mean number of hours worked in a weeié. is 81.7. Suppese {he number cf hours worketi per week by meaiicai rssidenis is appmximateiy normal. Find the sianiiard deviaiion of hears worked in a week if 4% affirm meiiical iesicients work mere {ham 90 hOU‘fS par week. X W 3‘3 { ‘3, g 7. {2 pséifis} Féfiafi fieuw‘heiés Ema a mafia sash Emma 9? $12 peg: wwk 'wi‘ih a siafifiai’é deviation of $3 per week. Currency in Vanuatu is not in American doliars and it is calted the vatu (VUV). Househokis in “$21an have a mean cash inceme of 2009 VUV per was-2%; with a Siafléazé deviafigfi 9f E6§fi VEJV pa? weak. if {3133 Fijian geiea‘ieé at rwéam has wsekéy incame 6? $34 and {me Yaaaa‘maa sefies‘ied a: maéam 113.3 3. weekiy inaamg a}? 349i? VUE Wm makas name reiaiive $9 fiagir sfignfi‘y’s mean $3313 wackéy Emma? fkssame weakiy imamss m nfirmgééy fiésfié’huteé amé sfiew aaiefiéafisns. 4%; 3: ‘ g fi 3 $4 $ % aw yamim ma . . .. gghwaa 333% % Asgnma file shaisszsmi leveés 9f aéuit Amerisafi womefi can E123 described by a fiarmfl mafia with a mega; 9%“ $33 mg/éi afié a sfiaéayé éevéatiea {£22. X M £3 i g a?” E § 3. {2 paints) W3? pawn? 0f adifii women d8 yen expect to male chaiesiereé Eeveig ever 2% mgffim ?{ x § 13$) : g m g L 9. (2 paints) Caicuiaie Elm first quafiiés affix chaiegmmé Eeveis- X a w ‘9’ {NM-5 '2: §?§a?;£ Amway: i9. {3 paras} Beiween wi’ga‘a vaiaess are; $316 cemmi fifi‘fré; of the ghefiefiemi 33mg? ' .. .14 "flag num‘fiax 0f menses of swig, {iaifirfiraé by a 39ft dréfik éispefigar is; flefinafly ééséiéémigfi Wiih a standard deviaiéem {23“ 9.3 aunceae "fig 50% éfifik éigggefiser am he adja; ed :0 daiiwr any magi: mmfiemfeuacegq x m N i g g g ‘ E i E. {2 minis) Sagpgsa tha m3 {kink {iigpeasgy is adfisiaé $9» 5131‘: $26 mam aaméaay 9f swims fiaiivereé is 36. “$3.13? $3 $313 ‘gggeifiabéifiy iha’é; a ézifiéi digpmssé 3:33; this mashéfle Wiii cenmifl bamssn 15.5 ané 36.2% Omceg sf mafia? ...
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This note was uploaded on 05/04/2008 for the course STAT 119 taught by Professor Helen during the Spring '07 term at San Diego State.

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samplequiz2key - Stat 1i Qaiz 2A $3.329 Sampie quiz Chapter...

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