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Unformatted text preview: Sm: E1? Nam Sampif: quiz, chagier "3‘32 2% Rfié éd: 38 M i6 12° Mafiufaamrszs 0f pkeiegragkic eqaé'pmem haw inasfiuced magi}; {sew aasy-iemfisg amt—ms, fiém was and flash magma}: i2; new: years. A 3%; 15/336 of fiashzsafib was gem is {ssfimaée {ha fi§6§3€ffiflfi 0f flew $312335 {3121i wwid produca firs {squireé Eighi euipui 3: figs awmyyéaie time. A 532315318 of Efififi ma was water}; ané $21} ware céggrved m figmééan ammééng i9 Specificatiefisx “iv mm a $9521; canfiémce iatewa? asfimaée fer the 2mg pmpsrtiafl a}? ham fiémfienmg “a ,g% 31$ 3% accez’ééng it; ayeséfisafiégng. @“W 3% £35 §€Ei§§ 2‘ Hew larga a samgie sizeuid 33:: taken in ems: {s3 ssfimate me gregefiém is within 2% wiih @943 mafidenee‘? a 3 I :- 5 fl g Answer: 5 g 3. if we caicaEate a 95% aunfidame inisnaai instead of a 99% cofifiémcs interval, $3133: The width sf fine COfifidfifiCG iatafi'ai would be anchafigeé. _3. J}?- The confidence imam? Width wouid decrease. " The confidence interval widih wsulé increase. Answer: 4. A Etafiséician caksiaies a 95% confidensze intervaE far the pmpoz‘iém 91“ US. aéuits wha think the éeafis penaliy is appiied fairly. Tm: confidems interval is (3.48? to 6.5?3 a) Give a pain? estimate affine pepaiaiion b} finer} {ha margéfl of army, C} Suppose {fie cefifidmce 'éevei wag increaseé £0 $§§%. Haw weaid fizis affect me margin of am}? (if year esfimats? s f3 E? mfié fig; g; my f: . ,. a:%% g ‘42:; iii} Use 313 ffiiiawmg w aagwef gmifiems gné Awarding 20 SE News mad Work? Repzmfi frem a rande sampie 0f 23% msflicai sigdanis at U"? Souéhwestem during 616E993~§§9§ schoei year, 45% a?” $3338 gtuéants were wax/3:312. The US {Seams Sweat: says zhai 51% cf {he resiéefits 0f the USA axe femaie, Are female meéicai Sifiéeififi as; ET Sofifimesmm fifi§©flep¥8fififit€§ re‘iafiva i0 133% US pggauiaiicn? S State ihc agpmpriaia mm $316.1 aitema‘iéve hygetheseg. fig; gafi 5%: péags é. Cenéact a test {)fihe hypfiiiases iéenfified 3%“: E. Caécuia‘ée the test sta‘aisiic 9*: "" ‘3 § 3 g ,iiimgg i5 W 22. Caiate fiifi aarrespandisg pwahge. 9w mm: flag» 3a: 33) fig Afifiwer: iii. Make a statistical aegisémi using a kiwi 9f significanea afar = {3.431. Eustify yam" deciséen. §fi gfiigfié‘; é “a E 3%: faigfi “g‘é EV. J te mt GL1 decisien in the context 0f the robé E31. am§a§5aay é‘éaé; wpfiwfiw , a éwi éwéfifi a? a“? Swfiwakz A “3.; gm flkfifi :32 f yggiwaég; {agram ; Use the {allowing ini'ermatéan for pruhk‘ms 728 A market survey is- cozgducied by year sta‘ée isgisiaior to (ifitemfina the pmporfiea 0f hameownsrs wéw wouid switch to a new “eiactricai energy supgiier” fifths-3y had the eppafiunéty affezded thgm m g by new state iegisiaiion. Of the 1,169 hgmeowners surveyed, 78%} said they woulé switch. g} 5 M w 7 . Construct a 95% can fifieme interval far that papulatiegz propoflion. figs; Amway: ‘5 3 z 8. The iegisiater stages tika: 625% Of the homcewners wouid switch to a 536W eiscirécai enargy suppiier. Use {ha soafidence interval obiaineé 3.330213 {{3 test this claim. E. State the nail and aiiema‘iive hypfimeses. fig. gfirmégg’ wag? ii Make gm apprepziaie decisifin, giving a enefientence gusiifiaafigfi {353mm decisiofi. $2? QUE; £1“; fii 9?? 5:; w g {3%— % i a?“ aéfi’$§”§ ...
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This note was uploaded on 05/04/2008 for the course STAT 119 taught by Professor Helen during the Spring '07 term at San Diego State.

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samplequiz6key - Sm: E1? Nam Sampif: quiz, chagier...

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