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extra credit - Alex Engemann Anth 263g Gender and Religion...

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Alex Engemann 12/8/2006 Anth 263g Gender and Religion in a North China Village This film documents a trip back to Song’s home village in North China for the new year’s celebration. The purpose of his trip is to not only see his family, but also to explore his family lineages and the religious traditions and ceremonies. Song looks to close relatives and community leaders to find information about length of his lineage line and to explain the role of the 4 shammons traveling with him in the villages. The main point of this movie was to display the important role that women play in the religious community of Song’s native village. It was easy to see this because all the shammons were women and it was obvious that women took lead in almost all religious ceremonies and traditions. Song investigates the village and villagers to discuss how women are involved in the religious side of the village. The film’s visual design is very good, with great establishing shots and clear
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