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Alex Engemann 5/6/2009 Anthropology 264g Fighting For Meat A social drama is defined as a “sequence of conflict between two individuals. The elemental stages are anger or grievance, encounter or breach of the peace, confrontation, violent combat and/or redressive action, flight and/or reconciliation.” 1 A social drama is simply an event when two individuals have a disagreement over something and go through a process in order to resolve the disagreement. Each stage of the social drama is well defined and can be seen in almost all conflicts. Both parties start out being angry at one another, then they find one another and challenge them, then they confront one another with their specific grievance, then they either fight or try to resolve their differences verbally. One or both parties flee then come back to reconcile with one another. All of these stages can occur in slightly different ways, yet the basics always remain the same. A social conflict can also become a public affair, in which a palaver will occur.
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