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Exercise 7: The Role of The Kidney In Extracellular Fluid Homeostasis 1) What is the role of the renal system? Draw a diagram of a nephron and explain the movement of Na + , urea, glucose, Cl - and water across the luminal walls of the nephron. How does this promote urine formation and water reabsorption? 2) Define clearance. What are inulin and creatinine? Why are clearance rates for inulin or creatinine good estimators of the GFR? What are the forces that influence GFR and what are their effects upon filtration? How do the juxtaglomerular apparatus and macula densa affect GFR? 3) Present the creatinine clearance for your four test subjects and describe the trends. What changes in GFR would you predict to occur in response to the hypotonic, isotonic and alkalytic drinks (and explain these mechanisms accounting for the changes in GFR)? Are the data consistent with those predictions? 4) Present the Na + clearance for your test subjects. What changes in Na + clearance would you expect to see for each of these subjects? How can you determine whether Na
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