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Discussion Questions You will present the answers to these questions during. Your data must be analyzed by discussion as well. 1) Draw a diagram of a spirogram indicating the TV, IRV, ERV, RV, VC, Define each of these lung volumes and capacities. Describe the mechanics of inspiration, expiration, forced inspiration and forced expiration (and relate these activities to the previously mentioned lung volumes). Explain why air enters the lungs during inspiration and exits the lungs during expiration. 2) Let’s say you sat at the bottom of a 10-foot deep swimming pool and attempted to breathe through an 11-foot snorkel. Will you be able to effectively ventilate? To answer this, you should define (a) alveolar ventilation, (b) pulmonary ventilation and (c) dead space. When examining ventilation efficiency, what parameter should be examined (a vs. b.)? Why? 3) Which brain regions generate respiration? Draw a diagram indicating their location. What are the roles of the dorsal respiratory group AND the ventral respiratory group
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