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psyc study guide 1 - Study Guide Test 1-What is...

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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide Test 1-What is psychology?-The science of behavior and mental processes-Behavior-Overt action and reaction (objectively observed)-Mental Processes-Thoughts, emotions, ideas, attitudes, reasoning processes (hard to observe and measure)-What do they do?-1/3 become clinicians, 1/3 teaching, 1/3 other things-Psychology vs. psychiatry-psychology: grad school for Ph.D. or Psy. D., completed internship, don't prescribe drugs, counselors with M.A. or M.S. psychiatry: prescribe drugs, have M.D., been through med school, had residency in psychiatry-History -Aristotle-4 th century B.C.; Greek philosopher; Psyche : essense of life; unlike Plato (realize what you already know, understand through thought), he emphasized importance of observing and experiencing the world, Important for science: based on science, Important for psychology, esp. learning research; Elementism : breakdown processor -Wilhelm Wudt-1 st psych lab; in Germany; Emphasized structuralism : study of the structure of immediate conscious experience; used Introspection : self-examination of mental processes -William James-1 st american lab; Functionalism : study of how the mind works and why we behave and think the way we do; emphasis on behavior and practical apps of psych -Henry Alston-Structuralist ; sense of heat/cold-separate receptors, feel heat when both are stimulated; first african american in APA -Max Wertheimer-Gestalt Psychology (whole is more important that sum of pieces)-8 Perspectives-Neuroscience : influence of nervous system on behavior Evolutionary : focuses on why behavior occurs, compares to animals...
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psyc study guide 1 - Study Guide Test 1-What is...

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