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physical therapist data

physical therapist data - 29-1123NumberPercent of...

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Unformatted text preview: 29-1123NumberPercent of indPercent of occNumberPercent of indPercent of occ000001Total employment, all workers172,9480.11100.00219,7520.13100.0027.0646,804000500Total wage and salary employment158,4980.1191.65204,4790.1393.0529.0145,981000520Wage and salary employment, except agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and private households158,4710.1291.63204,4500.1493.0429.0145,980420000Wholesale trade780.000.05880.000.0412.3110550000Management of companies and enterprises5270.030.306070.030.2815.2880551000Management of companies and enterprises5270.030.306070.030.2815.2880551100Management of companies and enterprises5270.030.306070.030.2815.2880560000Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services3,5030.042.034,4350.042.0226.60932561000Administrative and support services3,5030.042.034,4350.052.0226.60932561100Office administrative services1830.050.112320.050.1126.7949561300Employment services3,3130.091.924,1930.101.9126.56880610000Educational services, public and private6,5810.053.817,0730.053.227.47492611000Educational services, public and private6,5810.053.817,0730.053.227.47492611100Elementary and secondary schools, public and private5,5760.073.225,8760.072.675.383006112-3Junior colleges, colleges, universities, and professional schools, public and private7860.020.458790.020.4011.8793611300Colleges, universities, and professional schools, public and private7850.020.458780.020.4011.87936114-7Other educational services, public and private2190.040.133180.040.1444.7998611700Educational support services, public and private1250.140.071910.140.0953.2567620000Health care and social assistance143,5780.9083.02187,4760.9485.3130.5743,898...
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  • Spring '08
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  • unpaid family workers, educational services, percent percent, Government Federal government Federal government

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physical therapist data - 29-1123NumberPercent of...

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