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./1 | 9o lwtioA i EM 306 Spring 2008 Quiz 7 [Tq-el Name: EID:_ 6.98 The weight l4z : 60 lffWhat is the magnitude of the force the members exert on each other at D? =FJ = A-w=t: A=W:6oM v frDQ).+ B=fu =Y =7oN EFx=
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Unformatted text preview: b :5 = \+Cs;"$to -W= o IAO- Crqrtco. 3 tC5;gs. .l aFx'3 +n-) = 0 k) F6 Fx D= ll0 f,/ EJ (r) Qx 1t) Joiat A , AS , Ac a,wtrvwf*et^tQt 1F*-9 + B= C Ifr=o I (=h" (:g=&=#, 1A h c .f 3 Fy =-80 Dx = lto Dy= p=ffi...
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