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EM 306 Spring 2008 Name: EID: Iink.43 exbrts a force on the buckei of the excavalor at i:parallel to the iink The weight'fir = ffi00 lb. Draw the diagram of the bucket and detennine the reactions at C. at C is equival€nt to a pin suprport of rhe bucket.) ein$e in Problem 5.23 Quiz 4IT7-91
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Unformatted text preview: E&r{ str=- tx >-fu : g Problem Mo FsD ,No NI .SoLt,ro*' Fap tf \'-rx + ,1, Cx + T*g cose = O T*eEi,,'e *2 - lfoo =o TAO :l4c = - lsoo'8 + fn6(urg ' aF +TaDeh,e '16= + Tns = 8X ), l3 Cx ?' - (ll'q'q cr ? 111,1[ C= = ll+\ A, tene= # o - 4o$u tb gq:e lSoo f(+...
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