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EM 306 Spring 2008 Quiz 10 Fl-el EID:- :. ffl. The spool has a mass of 20O kg and rests against the wall" '' ,rd on the beam. If the coefficient of static friction at A and B is , '' pt= 0.4 and p6 :0.5' respectively, determine the smallest
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Unformatted text preview: spool to tum. : I $vr,ct"\.' rr So I r*+^'oT\:-: TF^= .EFp : o \ME-o o,kN6- $o[e- lltotiun \ t s NB-ilA + orsMo = P + A/o t o.( NA - 2oo& .. -r.,.P +(3,*N4),0,v { ^/A lvo= ttY krT Probs. 8-14 /a-l.s " lct +/ , ,npL l-=?.Yl ,F N4 ,l^a Nn = o,tNA =O t (o's UY)'o't-Q P-. l4o']= l)1),+...
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