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g slwbion, EM 306 Spring2008 Quiz L0 [r s+] EID:_ s$ No ' SlnSoo /{6 + es)oo. 0,Jil, = e. o,l tr/6 r tl NA - )w + cqSoo M, 0 + S,tt3oo.o,3//s>e = E\,lf tb : lto,o] tb - Joo ' I' cry)a" r(uu. /,f , ' - ,?g6f.cr*;r) t,loog;arf z + (vs $n),')( tt s;d_d) _ (0,iu0,,,1;) (.,.s;o,r o t Co*3Ng
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Unformatted text preview: srnlo) (,y*rln\) = o ' -l=n = I :fr.--I r/'l* = @ {v1 I lvg 8-11. Determine how far d the man can out causing the plank to slip' The coefficient and B is t r : 0.3. The man has a weight of gravity at G. Neglect the thickness and Prob.8-11 J= 0,20) ft )...
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