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EM 306 Spring 2008 Name: Problem po FBP, ro N"! B*r#l fl "}'^ aFs = l; -Ie-eI=o : [email protected]= "t7'J - (-Tz =o + lT.-=1 , T,=)6 )lb: f.3- A'tl lETl,* Sofuno(, FbD$ [email protected] -0 2l $,.r# L B"r *g ' {*J $t[,*l""e'. ) =o =0 ah. >Fj= I. D^c r/h -- r.c - 7-t) c=1 D-- l.
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Unformatted text preview: ol oL $: Quiz 4 [T5-7] EID:_ 5,ll The mobile is in eguilibrium. The lish B weighs 2? Determine the weights of the fish A, f,, and D. (The crossbars are negligibla) Problem 5.21 Tr FrI LA,8)L) =+ J'...
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