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EM 306 Spring 2008 Problem Name: , G*lin*es 4 Y o; nt9 A = fa1,(oseoo, 0,1 g,r)'ou, t,l\ (r. .) b,= f o, ''?,'t i = I or'o ,r,1.1 2 = { 0.1 torl,o' I 41 5;'^'rro ,o \ 77" 4" '48,t\ rV 2/l 15 The access door is held in the 26,o open position by the chain,4ll. If the tension in the chain is 100 N, determine the projection of the tension force onto the diagonal axis CD ofthe door. Quiz2 [rt-? I EID:
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Unformatted text preview: S,:l*Oiun: t \)g(t6t9 / n) l.Ag = hu =' /l.p = g- { il s -all too \n? O -C fuf roruo, a? [l- finr'o'),- l'l- t- {-o,i3f r ,31*, - hlrtt (r,! rall,o )t + ala{ t-l;^e oo 7z + l,zb {a?r'sr"' , 0,1"* , o,lsi*?rto . '"'l )-: { tt,k6ty r o,}tl!- 7'\ il P.-qtt i-i*io' )t + (o.l !'^lo"J'+ r. L' fr^ g \J ) o,uf'-e,{ r I Pnjedre". . F^p 'tro = f *o*, 3?.r -7Y,v]' f nk64,...
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