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EM 306 Spring 2008 tr \ot6tron \ T Problem Name: s 1 10.125m r{f l*rtf,^1 'LP t+4'qtrsrts /'*f*t ffi.4,: Quiz 5 [T r-? I EID: I,/107 Determine the tlisioalrequired to hold the rec- tangular solid in the position shown. The 12b-kg rectangular solid is homogeneous. Friction at D is negligible. l= T :r I >X +,h,e t
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Unformatted text preview: -axi5 ; ( *"+'ft^tty hnte 0.14 T 'oJ - 1t"ttl) (o'L) =6 l.p ,9, tql . .1 f {o,ori'u,aL."-f | 1 L :-=-,lo,ng" ro,lr 1 i,rg rr fr,r*r r -',3r'i +o'T/{ (g "- { a,-taS'!'?lro\ " 1' ,rrrh*r^s it Car{t k tol'n[ 11}tt"o.JF=0 ./ L) q" rrhe wwmu. .'t to LMn^ = o 82 Sotut \ o T=toYVN...
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