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=M!qq Spring 2008 L Quiz2 tTF-,ll Problem I ) o lxtion : ' CorrJ,;,,<tes " !el+*s . Marmezrt e--4 Ao* 4 poi,tte '. A .' { +oo, .too, o \ g = {,*, o, tul 0 =- f o , u,o 1 Ior=?-1= {'0",g,('"\ e =A-B- = {- t"o, 3ro, -6ool -n u^ = Ii6* , ltoo, - t*l [ - w I Name: EID: 4.9'l rhe tension in the cable,A8
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Unformatted text preview: is I kN. Detennine the moment about the r axis due to the force exerted on the hatch by the cable atpoint fr. Problem 4.91 Ll1 3,, i ,-1 ((,'( r rfi.3\ IJ J l/tr(: -a.oo kN'm{\ > -)ro /'l''Yt (400,300,0) mm br*e'l*\=l*1, 'o:,, l= I-*,' 'l-f i-;t *lP...
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