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EM 306 Spring 2008 Quiz 3 [t s+ I Name: EID: Problem 4.166 The distance s : 4m. If you represent the force and the 200-N-m couple by a force F acting at the origin O and a couple M, what are F and M? 5o [r^t ion i g ={-C = f*-" ,(^y, -II = slrn : *T; ,+,_; @1
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Unformatted text preview: l-l'7'lI ffiq,lr*t hA t 7 '7 t j I t" lvto=b.x-l--l i i k I r_v*kLllLL(--l 4 s' Il= l-K, fu,t']\L(,14tf ] M. r l-1 a 1l r I i*' 2-e -:o i s F 4. + {. = I.-rctrrs ,W,((;fi,t{'.\ M.nr | ,oo L r)ri -t,L il l00i+20j-20k(N) 200 N-m p (4,0,3)m g{rr...
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