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Problem Name: EM '306 Spring 2008 EID: 4.93 The tension in the cable CE is ·160 lb. Determine the moment of the force exerted by the cable on the hatch at C about the straight line through the hinges A and B. y 4ft ~ 4ft--jC. Problems 4.92/4.93 x c: lq.} -~S\l\l-~. I.\-\p~~·);\
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Unformatted text preview: -'.)b~) 3.15"9) E~(o) II b) ~\ tCt ~ ~t;t 1).t'i::-1l.2·~ .... i... +. ~4-.11~ t 6~.o3 ~. ~G' " ..", ~. d_.' •• ' ,.d • _ ~A:: 'CAe'" ttt:::' (If-~-I·%~i ·H.15'J~) X(-tl~.~ ~ i-qtt,)l.i 1-&3.03~) ~-~~1.11-bl~·\)\t~}_~~,H ~--"'®...
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