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- EM 306 Spring 2008 Quiz T ITs{l 6-102. Determine the force that the jaws "I of the metal cutters exert on the smooth cable C if l0GN forces'are applied to the handles. The jaws are pinned at E and A, and D and B. There is also a pin at F. $olu+rca.
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Unformatted text preview: Foo-g is W-F* *)it 400 mm (() (ot (z) T T E Ax t3) A $; 20 mm 15" 15" 80 mm klu *O ZF1=Fr=o zF^ = A6:o = Aro - T .)o>o, r= *ot 2Mp ?) llar = /oo. 4oo.cntro - A1,'s o 9d " LJ= Lvo'ctwn tT" - l6f tl 1Q6? / =lflo{.9 t/ Fd P"*kr-O...
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