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Core Concepts for DSOC 101 - sense perception exist...

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Core Concepts for DSOC 101 Science: Knowledge convering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as pbtained and tested through scientific method Sociological imagination: the beginning of social science the process whereby individuals come to underatand the individual-society connection, and understand onoes onwn connection to a social category Ideology: a connected set of strongly held beliefs based on a few abstract ideas,used to guide ones reactions to external events. IE a political ideology is used to decide how societies ought to be run…Society requires ideology in order to function effectively Idealism: theory which affirms that mind or the spiritual and ideal is of central importance in reality Realism: philosophical doctrine that universals exist outside the mind, that objects of
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Unformatted text preview: sense perception exist independent of the mind Class fixed stations in life: Trouble: issues that arise within an idvidual and his immediate relations with others. They have to do with self and those limited areas of social life with which he is direcly associated Ie, a single unemployed man in a city of one million, that is one mans trouble…not a citywide issue. Issues are troubles on a global or citywide scale, they transcend local environments and the range of inner life. They have to do more with organization and government and with society as a whole. An issue is a public matter. Ie. Widespread unemployment. American ideology: equal opportunity, classless society, rags to riches, social mobility...
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