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shestopalov2.Quiz4_M7-9 - ~creases The forklift is on thevl...

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I ~ - ~al· b-4-c---J' 5.28 Asafety engineer establishing limits on theloads that can be carried by a forklift analy7;esthe situation shown. Thedimensil are a = 32 in, b = 30 in, and c =26 in. The combined weight of the forklift andoperatot is WF = 1200 lb. As the weightWL i supported by the forklift increases. the normal force exerted on the floor by the rear wheels: atE
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Unformatted text preview: ~creases. The forklift is on thevl of tipping forward when the normal force at B is zero. Determine the value of W L thl'lt will cause this condition. T~~ t-~ 1) 'JJ~~\\ ~ Y!x.)'fl1\0-\ ~~ ~t e, l~ 1:,lL~:----(~" ~ lJv\A "=\) ~ W~ ~~)-WFl~)~u i) ~ WL ~ V\} 'f ~ I~() c ~ ~ 0 G) Il S- ~h...
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