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EM 306 Spring 2008 Quiz 10 [HS~:fJ Name: EID: ---- --- 8-5. The car has a mass of 5 Mg and is coasting up the slope. When its speed becomes zero, the driver applies the brakes to the rear wheels. Determine if the frictional force acting on the rear . wheels will hold the car in equilibrium. The coefficient of static
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Unformatted text preview: friCtion at A is J.tA = 0.3. The front wheels are free to roll. ..t ~~1~;) .-'11/1--' Prob.8-5 I CD /.//~ w-=-'fo~ ~ ~ ~~.%\ ~ \1-9,017 N-Tt\ ~ )). .t. Nf\ ~ )1,,::: 0.16' >, c),., ,. '\ >s-\f~'""",,,,,\ r' I>-1>.""''11 " '\;,W-'f AA'< IN~ \ s ~_"Q\~ ~'f \<\ ~w\;,\,,,,,,,,, f-...
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