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EM 306 Spring 2008 Quiz 6 IT,9'l I Problem l Solwrz on I ctt ResffiottS Z.F; = Ax -0 :zFq - Av+6s-Y-o cd -Z/tIn = +"8 4 Q'l\=o {q= + 'ot-+ Name: EID: Find the force in the [email protected] if it is tension or compression. 4kN + m___J*_+ Prob.6-5O (r)
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Unformatted text preview: Rem pae vnnbex Ht, FH, Br .,ct r int q rq t Fq. [F :DE 'l t( +lDE--J \,,/ , (tn b"l*o,) o| -f,J) FM (0) I'l"'t e? F cte oG \r \* \4 D1 f3) o7 Jo *s,wty tt"LL* ' ia" {erf6r\r,.-q 1: 6'^)oo Kr + 4=o t! 3 F(= -...
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