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Chem 14BL - Pipets Experiment Post-Lab

Chem 14BL - Pipets Experiment Post-Lab - water and transfer...

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Conclusion After creating a table chart to record the measurements of the experiment, I calculated the true weight of the water in each of the bottles, the volume of the pipet in each trial, and the percent relative standard deviation for the volume delivered by the 10.00 mL pipet. Using the density of air and the density of the water at 21 degrees Celsius, from bottle number one, the true weight of the water was 9.9526 grams and therefore the volume Conclusion (Revised) In the experiment, instead of filling the wash bottle with distilled water, I filled the wash bottle with tap water. After calibration and cleaning of equipment, and the practice of transferring water with the 10.00-mL pipet, I weighed the weighing bottles and recorded the data. However, the weighing bottles I used did not have caps, so I didn’t use caps for any of the 3 weighing bottles. Then, I carefully filled the beaker with 50.00 mL of tap water from the wash bottle, and began using the clean 10.00-mL pipet to fill with this
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Unformatted text preview: water and transfer to the weighing bottles. I recorded the new weight of the weighing bottles with the water and the temperature of the wash bottle. After careful calculations, I came out with an average volume of 9.96-mL delivered by the pipet to the weighing bottles. The relative average deviation for the volume delivered by the pipet came out to be 0.40%. Because I received a %RAD greater than 0.2%, this means that I have not mastered the use of the pipet as mentioned in the lab manual. However the average volume delivered of 9.96-mL sounds reasonable as mentioned by Professor Pang in lecture. Some of the errors that I might have encountered include not cleaning the pipet and weighing bottles completely, not using the analytical balance properly, and/or not making precise measurements. However, I think that practicing to use the pipet will help me make more precise measurements in later experiments involving the pipet....
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