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Chem 14BL - CPR Assignment

Chem 14BL - CPR Assignment - Chemistry 14BL CPR Assignment...

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Chemistry 14BL - CPR Assignment Scientific Graphing Guiding Questions 1. Which of the two sets of data covers a broader range of values? How does this affect the lay-out of the graph? 2. How do you determine the scales for the axes? What is an appropriate number of units per inch for each axis? 3. What is a suitable and descriptive title for the graph? 4. What is the best method for determining the best fit line? Write a paragraph of the required length describing your approach to preparing the graph of the given Beer's Law data. In your paragraph include: (1) Whether you chose a "landscape" or "portrait" orientation for your graph. (2) How you set the scales for the axes, that is, what range you used for each variable and the increments per inch on the paper. (3) The title you chose and why. (4) The labels and units for the two axes that you chose. (5) How you determined the best-fit line that defines the Beer's Law relationship.
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