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songs to remember - midnight working on 13 “In My Life”...

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Sumner Billingsley Beatles 1 st midterm SONGS TO REMEMBER! 1. “Love Me Do” a. Was the first single they ever recorded b. Andy White on drums (Ringo played tambourine) 2. “Please Please Me” a. Their second single 3. “I Saw Her Standing There” a. Originally titled, “Seventeen” 4. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” a. The Beatles’ first #1 hit in the USA 5. “A Hard Day’s Night” a. George Harrison first uses his signature 12 string guitar note 6. “If I Fell” a. John pretends to have written this song for Ringo 7. “And I Love Her” a. The first song Paul really impressed himself with 8. “I’m A Loser” a. The first of John’s many “Dylonized” petty party songs 9. “I Need You” a. A George Harrison song, and the 1 st he did the “Wah Wah” on his pedal guitar 10. “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” a. John Lennon’s most criminal, petty party song 11. “Norwegian Wood” a. George Harrison plays sitar 12. “Drive My Car” a. This song was the first the Beatles ever stayed in the recording studio past
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Unformatted text preview: midnight working on 13. “In My Life” a. Very mature lyrics by John about death, loss, way too wise for someone so young 14. “I’m Looking Through You” a. Bitter break-up song written by Paul after breaking up with Jane Asher b. Ringo plays the organ 15. “Michelle” a. Written by paul b. Some of the lyrics are French girls went crazy for this song 16. “Girl” a. Written about John’s imaginary dream girl (an intellectual, and does not buy Beatles albums) b. John does long inhale after saying girl so it sounds like he is taking a hit of marijuana hole pt. of song is to tell his fans he smokes pot 17. “Day Tripper” a. First single they made with double A tracks 18. “We Can Work It Out” a. Co-written and sung by both John and Paul b. Took them almost as long to record this one song as it took them to record their entire first album...
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songs to remember - midnight working on 13 “In My Life”...

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