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Evan Vandegriff Run Lola Run Response Journal The movie Run Lola Run is a very interesting film based around the blurred line between fate and fortune. Emotions flow freely between the characters, seen especially in Manny. Lola seems a lot more impassive but through the events and her reactions we can see just how affected she is. The interesting making of the movie comes through the way we see tiny choices and decisions become life altering (or life ending). It’s really crazy to think about what these little things can do in our lives, and scary. I liked how we saw the occasional flashes of other people’s lives that were changed or affected by Lola’s actions or other events. The emotional impact of the film is complimented by the intense
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Unformatted text preview: music that plays throughout the events and Lola’s actions. Lola’s running transmits what she might be feeling at any time: despair, anger, happiness, etc. It really was quite an amazing film job in getting in all the clocks and important happenings in such a fast paced intense film. Overall, I really liked the film and I’m sure to recommend it to watch to some of my friends. It would be hard for me to connect this to postmodernism in saying that there was a “waning of affect” in the film. If anything, it was more emotional then others I have seen. However, in looking at the aspect of postmodernism that deals with the blurring of boundaries, we can definitely see the blur between time, reality, and fantasy all come together....
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