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timeline - the London Palladium” Oct 13 1963 12 The...

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Sumner Billingsley The Beatles Timeline TIMELINE! 1. Hamburg trip #1 Aug. 1960 2. Litherland Town Hall gig the beginning of Beatlemania Dec. 1960 3. Hamburg 7 more trips that year April 1961 4. The Beatles sign on with Brian Epstein as their manager Jan. 1962 5. The Beatles sign on with George Martin as their record producer May 1962 6. “Love Me Do” the Beatles’ first single Oct. 1962 a. Made #17 7. “Please Please Me” the Beatles’ second single Jan. 1963 a. Hit #1 8. “Please Please Me” the Beatles’ first album Feb. 1963 9. “From Me to You” the Beatles’ third single April 1963 a. Hit #1 b. Awarded a silver disk 10. “She Loves You” the Beatles’ fourth single a. Hit #1 11. The Beatles perform at the London Palladium on the TV show “Sunday Night at
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Unformatted text preview: the London Palladium” Oct. 13, 1963 12. The Beatles perform at the Royal Variety Performance Oct. 20, 1963 13. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” single released in the USA Dec. 1963 a. Had “I Saw Her Standing There” for the B track b. Hit #1 in the USA The Beatles’ first big hit in the USA 14. The Beatles go on their first World Tour 15. A Hard Day’s Night, the Beatles’ first film 16. “A Hard Day’s Night” the soundtrack 17. “Beatles for sale” released Dec. 1964 a. The Beatles’ fourth #1 hit album 18. “Day Tripper” single 1965 19. “Rubber Soul” album 1965 20. “Help!” 2 nd movie 21. “Help!” 2 nd soundtrack 4 th album...
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