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PHL225 Paper 1

PHL225 Paper 1 - problems and has talked with him...

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Discussion Leader: Brandon Carey Fri 12-12:50 Rec. In this paper, a specific case involving a nervous patient will be examined and a strong argument will be put forth that will show whether or not certain actions can be considered morally right or morally wrong. The issue at hand here involves the idea of informed consent , i.e. whether it is the correct course of action to treat a man, Don Brodsky, in order to save his life. Some significant problems arise in this situation. One is that Don is a very nervous man, and if he knew the details of the operation to remove his brain tumor, then he would probably refuse treatment even though it would mean his death. Don and his neurosurgeon, the one that will make the decision of whether or not to operate on Don, have a very understanding relationship. The surgeon realizes Don’s
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Unformatted text preview: problems and has talked with him extensively about his health care and his anxieties. She knows that Don would not want to die and that when the operation was a success he would thank her for saving his life because he is aware of his own limitations. He would also never sue her. Since the patient and the doctor have an “informed” relationship and Don would “consent” to the surgery if he was able to be rational, then the doctor should continue with the surgery even without his explicit consent and understanding of every step of the process. First, this argument will be laid out and examined point by point. Then, a counter argument will be presented and then responded to in order to increase the strength of the argument that the doctor should perform the surgery. 1...
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