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LECTURE 10 WEEK 10 Cyberlaw
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Introduction Digital age is synonymous with digital economy, information economy, knowledge based society, knowledge economy etc. Main ingredient is the pervasive role of ICT in all aspects of our development economic, social and even political and cultural. 2
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Introduction Cyberspace is a virtual place that has become as important as physical space for social, economic and political activities . Many countries in the world are increasing their dependency on cyberspace when they use ICT. This dependency places these countries in a precarious position because cyberspace is borderless and vulnerable to cyber attacks. Individuals have the ability and capability to cause damage to a nation through cyberspace in which these activities is known as cyber terrorism attack. Cyber attacks are also attractive because it is a cheap in relation to the costs of developing, maintaining and using advanced as well as sophisticated tools. Many have declared that cyberspace is the fifth domain along with land, air, sea and space, and it is crucial to battlefield success . 3
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Trends in Cyber Attacks Countermeasure: World’s Scenario 4 The borderlessness of the scope of unauthorized access and the sophistication and diversity of threats aimed at illegal information access have escalated. Although most government agencies and major corporations have fully deployed individual tools as information security measures, targets of attacks have expanded to include, other than government institutions, critical infrastructures and specific industries and corporations, calling for more robust counter measures. Source:
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