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manual brochure 2008 - SEX ED RESOURCES from The Center for...

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Unformatted text preview: SEX ED RESOURCES from The Center for Family Life Education SEX ED 101 by Bill Taverner A collection of 10 classic lessons, updated from five of our manuals. Includes “It’s My Future,” “Everybody Has People Problems,” “Making Sense of Abstinence,” “Oral Sex and Abstinence,” “Don’t Pass It Along,” “Protection is the Key,” “Choosing Condoms,” “The Condom Lineup,” “Choices and Consequences,” and “Is This Really Love?” Also includes the “Teacher’s Toolbox,” a guide for helping educators create their own sex ed lessons! MAKING SENSE OF ABSTINENCE, by Bill Taverner and Sue Montfort “Making Sense of Abstinence succeeds brilliantly in making the topic of abstinence intelligent, thought- provoking, imaginative, respectful, and downright engaging. These lessons provide educators a much- needed opportunity to teach, not preach. Students will deeply appreciate the authors’ willingness to be honest with them and to provide them with accurate and balanced information. They will learn that there is a long continuum of behaviors between “saying no” and “doing it” that will keep them safe, not sorry. Educators will feel more secure about teaching tough topics such as oral sex, masturbation and outercourse, when they see they are allied with discussion about personal values, decision-making and communication. The authors direct their lessons at educators of comprehensive sex education. But, some could surely fit into an abstinence- only program, offering a sliver of common ground upon which those with differing viewpoints about the content of sex education can stand. Let’s salute Taverner and Montfort for this important effort to help all our teens get the complete information and protective skills they need and deserve to make smart, safe decisions.” Susan N. Wilson, Former Executive Coordinator Network for Family Life Education STREETWISE TO SEX-WISE, by Steve Brown and Bill Taverner Streetwise to Sex-Wise provides an easy-to-use yet comprehensive model for a basic series on human sexuality for high-risk teens. It applies a "state-of-the-art" methodology of sexuality education to teens in non-traditional settings who often have limited academic skills and are resistant to classroom-based learning....
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This note was uploaded on 05/05/2008 for the course BIOL 1010 taught by Professor Taverner during the Spring '08 term at Fairleigh Dickinson.

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manual brochure 2008 - SEX ED RESOURCES from The Center for...

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