supplements and Eating Disorders

supplements and Eating Disorders - Vitamin and Mineral...

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1 Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Vitamin and Mineral Supplements • Many people take dietary supplements for dietary and health insurance. • Some take multinutrient pills daily. • Others take large doses of single nutrients. • A valid nutrition assessment by professionals determines the need for supplements. • Self-prescribed supplementation is not advised. • There are many arguments for and against supplements. Arguments for Supplements • Correct Overt Deficiencies • Support Increased Nutrient Needs • Improve Nutrition Status • Improve the Body’s Defenses • Reduce Disease Risks Arguments for Supplements • Who Needs Supplements? – People with nutritional deficiencies – People with low energy intake – less than 1200 kcalories per day – Vegans and those with atrophic gastritis need vitamin B 12 – People with lactose intolerance, milk allergies, or inadequate intake of dairy foods Arguments for Supplements • Who Needs Supplements? – People in certain stages of the life cycle • Women of childbearing age need folate • Pregnant women need folate and iron • Elderly need vitamins B 12 and D – People with diseases, infections, or injuries, and those who have had surgery that affects nutrient digestion, absorption or metabolism – People taking medications that interfere with the body’s use of specific nutrients Arguments against Supplements • Toxicity • Life-Threatening Misinformation • Unknown Needs • False Sense of Security
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2 Arguments against Supplements • Other Invalid Reasons: – Belief that food supply and soil contain inadequate nutrients – Belief that supplements provide energy – Belief that supplements enhance athletic performance or lean body mass without physical work or faster than work alone – Belief that supplements will help a person cope with stress – Belief that supplements can prevent, treat or cure conditions • Bioavailability and Antagonistic Actions Selection of Supplements • Are there misleading claims? – Ignore organic or natural claims. – Avoid products that make high potency claims. – Watch fake preparations. – Be aware of marketing ploys. – Be aware of preparations that contain alcohol. – Be aware of the latest nutrition buzzwords. – Internet information is not closely regulated. • What about the cost?
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supplements and Eating Disorders - Vitamin and Mineral...

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