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Outline12 - Outline 12 Learning Memory and Neural...

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1 Outline 12: Learning, Memory and Neural Plasticity- Part 1 I. Overview A. The study of the neurobiology of learning and memory is concerned with how the brain acquires retains and uses information B. The major questions: (1) What are the processes which underlie the formation of memories? (2) What processes determine the strength of learning and memory? (3) Where are the changes underlying learning and memory located? Basic tenet: Learning IS (causes/results from) Brain Changes ----------------------------- Where are the changes? ----------------------------- II. Humans with damage involving the hippocampus A. H.M. (1950's) -bilateral removal of medial temporal lobe including hippocampus to treat chronic severe drug resistant epilepsy. -This caused chronic enduring anterograde (forward moving) amnesia -no new long term memories - It caused only relatively limited retrograde amnesia - interference with previously formed memories Not impaired: IQ (this actually went up a bit after surgery), Procedural learning (e.g., mirror tracing), motor skills, perceptual abilities
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2 Impaired "Knowing that" "memory with record" explicit memory declarative Intact "knowing how" "memory without record"
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